The RoomCheck Standard allows hoteliers globally to monitor the effectiveness of their housekeeping and room cleaning operations against an international benchmark.


In addition to measuring and evaluating the housekeeping performance, the RoomCheck Standard also has huge positive health implications as clean hotel guest bedrooms are much safer than those with poor hygiene standards, which pose specific health risks (e.g. Mould, bed bugs) and are also a route for transmission of infections (e.g. staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli, Norovirus).


This standard allows the housekeeping service to be checked regularly. Hotel management can then set targets to achieve the standard continuously. The standard sets parameters for each area of risk within a guest room from a health and hygiene perspective.


It allows for audits of the cleanliness of hotels rooms on a frequent, at least bi-monthly, basis. The hotel is subjected to rigorous audits by independent professional auditors. The results are discussed and agreed with the management of the hotel and any remedial actions implemented.


An executive summary and records document is presented to the management for future reference and record keeping. When a hotel can demonstrate that it reaches a high level of cleanliness they get invited to be listed on this website.


  • The standard consists of a simple checklist to assess the key procedural and physical findings obtained during the room hygiene assessment.


  • RoomCheck uses proven technology to provide immediate quantitative results on the cleanliness of guest rooms.  It uses Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) reaction testing via handheld luminometers to provide a numerical evaluation of surface cleanliness that can have a dramatic impact when seemingly clean surfaces are shown to be anything but.  RoomCheck also uses forensic techniques such as ultraviolet lighting to identify stains / dirt that are hard to detect with the naked eye.


  • The ATP cleanliness benchmarking element of RoomCheck is integrated into an audit protocol that identifies any weaknesses in the policies and procedures of the cleaning and housekeeping teams.  This is particularly important when dealing with the emergency procedures associated with a food poisoning or norovirus outbreak.


  • The information and necessary corrective actions generated by RoomCheck are automatically integrated into www.ecristal.com which provides real time information and task management functions.


  • As an independent auditing body RoomCheck can provide verification of standards that could not be as strongly endorsed by internal quality control and therefore adds more value to the results.


  • RoomCheck is a service that can be easily adapted to fit a variety of environments and is part of the constant innovation strategy within Check Safety First.









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